We have assembled a list of troubleshooting steps for resolving issues with the 3D Anatomy viewer on the Ivalalearn website.

It's important to note that these steps have yielded successful outcomes for some users while not for others, owing to the diverse range of reasons underlying these issues.

<aside> 💡 Note: We currently do not recommend using a tablet or mobile device for our content as we have not yet optimized it for such purposes. We recommend only a laptop or desktop. That being said, many users use the content successfully on their mobile and tablet devices.


Make sure your browser is up to date.

This mode should give you a version of your browser without extensions installed (Bitdefender commonly causes problems), which helps eliminate the possibility any of them is causing an issue.

Press Ctrl+Shift+N (Chrome) or Ctrl+Shift+P (Firefox) to open a new Incognito window and run the Ivalalearn website from there.

If on Chrome try Firefox or Brave and vice versa. Several users have reported success simply by changing browsers.